Telephone directory of companies and home phones

Telephone directory for home phones.

Directory of household telephones of residents contains addresses and telephone numbers of residents of all cities. For convenience of search all phones are sorted by addresses and surnames of inhabitants. Also there is a form of searching for phones according to different criteria. Our telephone directory provides phones and addresses of more than 5,000 cities. Here you can find the phone at the address or last name. Search for a phone number, address or last name of the subscriber is possible in any case. You can now search for a phone in any of the cities in our telephone database. If you want to find a person, then you need to know at least his city of residence.

Telephone directory of enterprises.

The phone directory of enterprises contains up-to-date information about the city enterprises. All information is added by the users themselves and is kept up to date. The date of actualization can be seen on the cards of enterprises. There you can find detailed information about the company's activities, and other additional information.

Phone Base

The base of phones on the site is constantly updated. But since information is added by users of the site, it does not happen very quickly. All data are checked by moderators, after which they become available to other users. Registered users can independently monitor and edit their information. In addition, they have the opportunity to post private ads, which are published on the pages of cities.

If you know your city well, you can add new phones and business addresses yourself. This will help other users of the site to find the necessary information in the telephone database. Make the site more convenient and useful together!
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